Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"Subway, watching out for number one"

Clever. Very clever. You'll notice they don't say that number one is actually their corporate bottom line, with the implication that they don't care about your health as long as you continue to buy their product. People will (incorrectly) assume that it means them.

And later on they talk about "non-lowfat condiments like mayonaisse and cheese". If you don't catch the double negative then you may assume they mean mayonaisse is okay to eat on your sandwich and it will still be low fat and good for you. How many people actually know enough about the language (or pay enough attention to it) to realize that a double negative is actually a positive (odd that in a place of such limited logic like our language, this particular mathematical concept carried through).

But as far as a commercials go the Subway ones are not nearly as annoying and condescending as, oh say, the Doctor Angus ones from Hardees, or the Mister Wendy ones from Wendy's ([sigh] I know Dave Thomas died but do we have to suffer this?), or ANY of the McDonald's ones (ever!).


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