Thursday, September 09, 2004

"Republicans are like Gays"

This was something Jason said last night at the game while we were cooking. "I don't have anything against them but I can't imagine how they come about." Andy started this discussion and he had something similar to say but I can't remember it right now. I'll see if he does.

I'd can imagine the furor this would produce among that community (the Repub...) I was going to say the Republicans but if I were Gay I'd be deeply offended to be compared to Republicans so I think it could run both ways.

Speaking of the game, it's been running very well lately. Two weeks ago I made these little cheese wontons that were very simple to make (a bit time consuming to fold the wonton skins) cooked up pretty quick and were very well received. So well that I did it again that Saturday for my housewarming party. They brought in several main courses from Okii Mama's (good oriental food for fair prices) and it was wonderful. Andy brought these evil little ice cream things that had one and half times your daily recommended allotment of saturated fat (peanut butter things) and then the game was a blast.

Last week we only did pizza but the game was a whole lot of fun. Jason and Lorie didn't make it but they wanted to play anyway. Jason even got a white chip for role playing when Andy made a "meh" sound that Jack said he makes when he misses with his melee attacks.

Last night I made baked pasta, Jason made bruschetta (wonderful), Jack brought toasted ravoli and garlic bread and Andy brought gelato from this place we go to near the house. And the game was a blast again. They should be able to finish up in no more than three weeks though so it's going to be like the end of Andy's Vampire campaign was (for me at least). The closing of something that was so much fun and so rare that you feel sad it's over and wish it could go on.


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