Friday, September 10, 2004

Ah ha!

I heard a new Subway commercial this morning. It was mostly the same but the tag line "Subway, looking out for number one" had been changed to add ", you!" to it. Apparently the marketing folks missed it the first time and someone pointed it out to them.

I still don't believe it, but then I disagree with the concept that a corporation should be treated as an individual.

And my comment about republicans was taken poorly by some people, so let me say that I got into this mindset after listening to some morons on a list called MLUG (Mizzou Linux Users Group) spout inane "facts" (with no proof) about the Bush campaign. I made a comment that I didn't understand how we could elect someone so bad at math. An obvious (to me at least) jab at the President's fiscal policy (which I consider to be wildly irresponsible). The response by the self proclaimed republicans was that the ability to do math isn't a pre-requisite for the job (and no, they subsequently posted disproving the theory that they were just being as clever as I was trying to be). I was apparently too subtle for these particular "republicans".

However I know a few others, Brian Lehmann for one, that I respect immensely and consider a good friend. So while it may appear to be an unfair generalization, it was meant in jest in an effort to assuage my anger at those MLUG folks.


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