Friday, September 17, 2004

"CBS, we suck less"

(Before I'm taken to task for picking on CBS, you can really fill in any of the major networks here, it doesn't matter. While they may have on something you like, they'll also have something on so bad they should be shot!)

I bounced yesterday's blog entry around some folks asking if they thought my theory held any water. I got some interesting responses but Jason's was the best.

"The problems with reality tv are (1) it's practically free to make, (2) nielsen ratings ensure that you don't have to make quality entertainment, you just have to suck less than the other guys. If you've only got 2 people watching, but they're both watching your show, you still get 100 nielsen points. It's criminal."

So the success factor is not being as bad as someone else. An interesting idea and one that clearly applies to television and so many other forms of the media. I wonder how well it applies to American society as a whole or other aspects of it.

America, no longer a nation of excellence, now a nation of "Inspired mediocrity"!
(And before someone tells me "if you don't like it, leave", I spent 13 years of my life defending your right to say that to me!)


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