Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I don't plan on getting the Star Wars DVDs. Why should I pay George again for the same thing? And it's not even the same thing. While there aren't any significant changes, he did replace some of the original actors with the actors used in Episode II. For continuity's sake, you know.

Normally I'm a big fan of continuity (the lack of it in Star Trek annoys the hell out of me) but after the poor quality stories in the last two movies I don't want him to change some things which were fine. And I'm not a big fan of Hayden Christiansen. Sheesh, he's (if it seems possible) even more whiney than Mark Hamil was in Episode IV.

And Jack proposed a theory a bit ago that George Lucas is by no means brilliant, as many Star Wars fans make him out to be. He was just lucky hitting with a Science "Fantasy" movie at the right time and the right place. Watching the first film again you'll see the story isn't too great, the acting is only mediocre and it doesn't hold up to time well. Most knowledgeable fans agree that "Empire" was the best of the first three and IIRC he was off making the Indiana Jones films so he had virtually nothing to do with that one.

And these days we don't have to settle for lousy science fiction TV or movies (looking at Paramount - Trek, and Lucas - SW), there's more out there and it's a lot better.

I watched the season finale of Enterprise last Friday and it was incredibly cliched. In the first five minutes the bad guys (lizard men) were eating cute little hamsters in a transparent attempt to involk a more "evil" demeanor. Lame! Have them kill an underling or something in an offhanded, casual way or something a little less transparent.

And an hour later I watched the season finale of Stargate SG-1. They had their share of cliches as well but they were handled with humor and a touch of intelligent script writing as well as good direction. Two of the techs were on watch at oh dark thirty and when turn their backs to go get coffee the gate is beamed out. One says to the other "we're not going to get in trouble for this, are we?". To my mind, much better than eating hamsters. Still the same sort of overused cliche but not nearly so transparent.

Maybe I've just read too many books, watched too many movies and gotten old, grumpy and cynical.


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