Thursday, September 23, 2004

"And the # 1 way CBS News Can Improve It's Reputation"

"1. Oh, I dunno, stop making up crap?"

While most everything that I've seen shows or otherwise indicates that Bush did indeed get preferential treatment to get in the Air National Guard, started out as a good pilot but eventually stopped following orders and became a weak-link, they (his dad's "people") probably managed to destroy most or all of the evidence of this. I mean he (his dad) did eventually become the head of the CIA and was known as a man who could "make things happen." (sometimes interpreted as making people "disappear"?)

However Kerry did go to Vietnam and served. How well and/or how honorably may be in question (I can't comment to that as I wasn't there - a position more people should take I think). He did become a protestor afterwards but I would have more respect for one of those people than someone who sat safely at home waving signs and shouting, having no idea what things were like over there, either for the Vietnamese people or the Americans fighting there. And the protestors, especially former servicemen, seriously undermined the morale of the military. That I find difficult to stomach.

All of this (Bush's "service" and Kerry's "service") very successfully clouds the issue which are of more immediate concern, who's going to do better at the job? Personally I don't think Kerry will do any better. However I know that Bush can't do the job I want him to do (or think he should). So I really have no choice but to vote against him by voting for Kerry, as disheartening as I think that may be.

So CBS may have been correct in the things it said but having no proof, as a "responsible" news organization they shouldn't have put it out there as anything other than an opinion (an editorial perhaps?). With all the other opinions which seem to corroborate it. Many of my friends maintain that the American People are intelligent enough to get the implication or make the connection themselves. I don't agree with that evaluation but this may have been the more prudent course of action.

But CBS news is no less "factual" than Fox news or the Washington Post. (three times zero is still zero however)


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