Friday, October 01, 2004

What IS that smell?

Wednesday we didn't play Iron Kingdoms since Jason was out of town. Instead everyone else came over, I barbequed burgers and brats and Jack and Sharon made Vampire characters.

After that the rest of us worked on making Aberrant characters for Jack's game after we finish IK and Vampire.

We sat down to eat (I had moved the grill from the garage out to the back patio) and I thought I smelled something funny, like perhaps I'd stepped in something Sasha left in the backyard when I was out there. I didn't think it was me because I would have smelled it earlier, before everyone got there. I hoped it wasn't Jack and was afraid of saying something if it wasn't. I was sitting on the back side of the table and everyone was to my right. I glanced left and saw the cause.

Andy had brought Hero over (so Karri got a break from watching the dog) and she'd been in the house the whole time so far. Well it seems she needed to go bad and had pooped on the carpet next to me. D'oh!

He won't live that one down for awhile!


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