Wednesday, October 20, 2004

da da da (or is it 'la la la'?)

Took the Op Center this morning for Brian so he could go over to Telecom and do some machine magic.

Twiddling my thumbs and reading blogs. Got to some strange places following links but found some new blogs to read. People with interesting things to say. Reminded me that I never really post anything of significance on my blog. But I guess not getting wrapped around the axle about much may have something to do with that. Just for the folks who's blogs I posted to, in case they come to look at mine, I'll post my own personal golden rule again. I got it from a retired Army officer (a colonel I think) who had been a lieutenant in Vietnam. He used this throughout his career and it served him well.

"If someone is not lying on the ground bleeding, it's not an emergency!"

Granted I can't make use it at work (the chancellor will think it's an emergency if he can't read his email!) all the time but it still makes sense to me.

Tried out the new exercise machine last night. It wasn't really a good workout though. I pressed the "chest" and "lose weight" option on the control panel and got a series of exercises but I kept having to go back into the house to watch the video to see how to do them. And the names for them differ between the video and the control panel. That's annoying. For some of them it seems the position of your hands or the direction you push are important. I can see that I guess, working slightly different sets of muscles. And eventually I'll learn all of them and make it a better workout.

I need to call dad and talk with them to see how things are going. Posting a comment to a blogger who was having problems with her family reminded me I haven't called since I moved into the house in August. Got to start Christmas shopping for the kids too.

The game is tonight. We should be two sessions (including this one) from the end of the Iron Kingdoms campaign. Been reading the Aberrant book and still haven't finished my character for that but we have the Vampire stuff next so I've got some time.

Having this year's Halloween party at my house. Mary and Jess are coming over to help decorate next Thursday. Got to find the accouterments for the costume. The bowtie and the vest will likely be the hardest to find. Should talk Erik into going to good will to see if they have something that looks right. Been pondering how to cut my beard to make it look right and have that down but it doesn't look like the sideburns will be too close. Need to watch the film again to write down his monologues.


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