Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The final chance

Well the last presidential debate is tonight. So far nothing either one has said has changed my mind but then I didn't think they were going to. And I couldn't stand to listen to their retoric enough to actually listen to very much of them. However the few facts which came out didn't make the republicans look very good but that's more tied to the final report by the UN weapons inspectors and the administration's response to it than anything said during the debates.

The Iron Kingdom game is tonight. They should get nearly finished with next session being the Big Final Showdown with the Ultimate Bad Guy. I finally got the correct version of Aberrant and have been reading that. My nova will be called "Monkey Boy" and he is the sole surviving member of a group (I hesitate to call them a gang since that has so many overtones) called the "Rad Nulls" who throw themselves in front of buses and off building in an attempt to cause their nova powers to "errupt". Needless to say most of them weren't successful at it but my character was. His powers are going to be being nearly unkillable (hehe) and blending into the background (some appearance based power) but since I haven't finished reading the rules yet I can't be specific.

Jason has ginned up something a bit more colorful for the Wings of Angels vampire campaign. It needs a migration of the player posted content but should be up and working now.

I'm not playing Galaxies much anymore, not very much new or interesting to do in there but I'm still Mr. Moneybags (29 million creds) and churning out factory runs of stuff which sell as fast as I can get them done (bio-engineer food tissue which helps chefs make their food better, which in turns buffs players when they fight).

I haven't played City of Heroes in a few days but will probably poke around some this weekend.

I ordered an exercise machine late last week and it should be delivered on Friday. Now I should spend some time tomorrow evening clearing out space in the garage to put it together. I should get some sort of rubberized mat to put it on too. Then to see if I can't trim off a few pounds and get back some of my endurance.


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