Monday, November 01, 2004

One more day?

Before all the campaigning and name calling is over. But upon reflection and given the debacle of the last presidential election (especially in Florida) tomorrow will only be the beginning of what some are saying will be a month of determination.

I'm still undecided on a few lesser issues. Medical marijuana for example. I don't see any reason it shouldn't be in the hands of the doctors but Jason (a pediatrician) tells me that there is a drug which uses the same chemical as in marijuana in a more refined state. Using that seems to make more sense. Then the ads come on the radio saying that drug companies are making tons on this drug and doctors and patients should have alternatives to costly drugs. A valid point but why should it just be those drugs, why not other essential drugs which are expensive, especially for people less able to afford them (the elderly?). However the 2nd part of that issue is loss of federal financial aid for students caught in possession. My first thought on this is "if they're worried about their financial aid then perhaps they shouldn't be caught smoking marijuana!".

I do support the alternative fuel proposition but then I'm more and more environmental in my leanings lately. Even to things costing more but I can see how it would put hardship on families.

And I have a few lesser offices that I know who I'm voting for. I no longer find it funny that one of our democratic candidates for the state legislature is "defending MU" (there was a resolution to join Southwest Missouri State University with the University of Missouri system but our legislator "protected" us from that passing - my comments were "who cares, if they want in fine, why do I need to be 'protected'?"). Now it's more like I'm voting against the fellow whose "defending MU" since it seems like he's doing things like this instead of "working" (but then I'm blogging instead of working). And he used some shady tactics in his face off with another democrate, slinging mud on the other candidate's family issues which are irrelevant to the campaign.

For governor I'm leaning toward the democrate since the republican seems to be pretty damn young and all the two of them are doing is slinging mud at each other. I did reverse my position on the public list of who has concealed handguns (one of two or three issues that they actually campaigned on). It seems that law enforcement has access to it anyway and if it's public all that will mean is that nefarious people will know who to knife to get a free handgun (I'm opposed to concealed carry overall anyway).

Well enough about politics. The party went well but I made waaaayyyy too much food. Too many appetizers. I was cooking starting about 3:30 and didn't stop until 6:30 or 7. Everyone got more than they needed to eat and there were tons of leftovers.

Candy went well on Sunday though. I'd finally met the neighbors to the north and she told me that there usually weren't very many kids who come around. However I did go through three bags of candy so that was good. The blacklight on the porch wasn't too good, it may have looked cool but I couldn't see the kid's costumes very well and some of them looked great. We'll ignore the fact that I had bought seven bags and now have more sugar I shouldn't eat in the house. I'll bring it to work and pawn it off on the game group.

The Iron Kingdoms campaign has only one short section left and then the accolades they get for saving the city/kingdom/world. Then Jason's Vampire game picks up. Fortunately we're still going to play at my house so I don't have to pack things up every week. I do have to keep the house clean but it's a good excuse.

Well I should get back to "work".


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