Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Word

Okay I guess I've been saving up for awhile because I had a lot of different things I wanted to post here.

The last session in the Iron Kingdom Witchfire campaign was last night. I feel like I kept the tension pretty high. The characters were racing across the bridge to stop Alexia from destroying the sword. Javena had used a dimension door to zip up next to her. She hit Alexia pretty hard but Alexia then charmed her and told her to sing to her friends (a very innocous sounding thing, eh?). So as they got close enough to do anything they had to do a will save against her perform check, for which she rolled a 32. Grindel figured out what was going on so when he got close enough to use his rifle (his legs are short so he couldn't run as fast) he shot Alexia to stop her from finishing the ritual. Then as he got close enough to shoot with his pistol he shot Javena so she got another will save against the charm (which she made this time). Father Godwine had buffed up Gellar, who charged in to attack Alexia. However she'd used blink so for the first three rounds of combat everyone got incredible successes, including a crit by Vasila but none of them made their 50% miss chance roll. Then Javena, now free of the charm, dispelled the blink and then Gellar lopped off her head with a pair of attacks doing a sum of 56 points of damage.

I felt like it was kind of anti-climactic. So I'm going to do some emails about what happened to Skreed and dream visits for some of them. And the letter of appreciation from the King, of course. Then on to Jason's Vampire game.

The people on the radio I listen to in the morning (Mo Lewis from BXR) were talking this morning about how great the new Paige sport arena is this morning. Fancy workout areas under the main floor for the athletes to use. Big screens all around the circumference. I know that they're working on a wireless networking setup so that the waiters in the foo-foo areas can use hand held devices to play food and drink orders. I can't help but wonder how many high schools throughout the state might have been built or improved with the state's part of that $75 million.

But then this is very much a "Good Ole Boy" state, as much as I may dispise that method of "doing business".

Which brings us to the "Bubba Theory" that Jack put forth last night. He maintains that throughout American history (at least the last 50 years inarguably) the candidate which got elected President (and this isn't the only factor involved so there are exceptions) is the most "bubba-like". Certainly true in this case. A sort of anti-intellicual backlash. Clinton was a rhodes scholar but being from Hope, AK he certainly appeared bubba-like. Carter was an Annapolis educated nuclear engineer but was known as a peanut farmer, certainly bubba-like.

It puzzles me that people wouldn't want the smartest guy in the job. But then I guess if this is true then we deserve a trillion dollar deficit, 1200 dead military service members and being the most despised nation on Earth.

Halo 2 got here yesterday and everything I hear says it's wicked cool. I know Jeff certainly was looking forward to it.

And Erik and Marlin have both bought Everquest 2. I really don't want to give Sony more of my money after the piss poor job they've done with Star Wars Galaxies, but it's getting lonily playing City of Heroes solo and all my guildmates in Galaxies are either becoming Jedi or off flying starfighters (or YT-1300s). So I'll probably get it and play for awhile at least.

I preordered World of Warcraft and it's supposed to release on the 23rd. So I'll get into that when it arrives. From what I hear/read it's much better than EQ2 or SWG. The thing that has me the most excited is the hunter class. An archer with a pet, I always loved the Midgard hunter in Dark Age of Camelot, but since our guild was in Hibernia I didn't play him much. And these hunters can get rifles too! Woo Hoo

Well I want to say there's more but I don't remember it now. I'll post more later.


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