Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"To be continued"

Okay we'll continue the topics I had listed from yesterday.

Star Trek and multipart episodes

Since the first series it seems like the writers and producers of Trek never wanted to have two part episodes. Even when they were dealing with large weighty issues which produced plot twists and could only be told well in more than 48 minutes.

Next Generation liked to have two part cliff hangers are the end of the season. It was kind of annoying since you had to wait months to find out what happened. However I guess it has a sort of tradition in television and films. And while part 1 was usually not too good, part 2 often was. But that was it, no other two part episodes.

So week before last "Enterprise" had the last of a three part series guest starring Brent Spiner (who played Data on ST:TNG) as Data's creator's ancestor. Overall not a bad story (certainly not great but *almost* good). Last week they started another three part series, this time dealing with what could turn out to be a conspiracy by the Vulcan High Command. It could turn out that this could be why I haven't liked the Vulcans on Enterprise, since they seemed particularily partisan, anti-Human and not at all like the Vulcans on any of the other series or in the books. A thin shean of "logic" to cover ... something.

They had an episode which I found particuarily frustrating from a story perspective. It was basically an AIDS story but the "disease" was people who performed mind melds. Now in all the other series, every Vulcan to a greater or lesser degree can do a mind meld. Now a mere 200 years earlier it's taboo and no one talks about it. This whole idea seemed like yet another twig thrown on the "I don't CARE about continuity" bonfire by Brandon Bragga (whom I considered to be the chief lieutenant of the Anti Christ).

But this story arc could very well turn everything around and make the Vulcans back into the characters we know and love. Especially since there was a splinter group of Vulcans introduced last week which did espouse those familiar Vulcan ideals.

But why do they seemed obsessed now with multi part episodes. I recorded the Spiner episodes but on Fridays I watch "Andromeda", "Enterprise", "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis" in that sequence. So when I'm going to be doing something else Friday I set the VCR to record. But if I want to keep the tape then Enterprise is all mixed in with the others.

However since I threw out most of my VHS tapes when I moved (because I never watched them anyway), I suppose I can record over Enterprise anyway since it's unlikely I'll watch it again (the stories may be getting better but not so much so to make watching again worth it).

The Incredibles

Good film. I've seen it twice now and it strikes me as one of the dual layer Pixar stories. A kid's story in there and a more mature story behind that one. The whole "unhappy with your job but you stay at it anyway for the good of the family" thing, the "my family is my strength" which doesn't come out until the end and a few other grown up themes.

All in a film with cool superheros and lots of mayhem.



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You should just get a couple of tivo's or replay/tv's :-)


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