Monday, November 22, 2004

Jim's Brunch Club

Well ever since I moved into the new house at the end of July I've been entertaining. Lorie and I used to go to breakfast with assorted people on Sunday mornings. Well the weekend unit clerk in the Surgical ICU where she works quit so she started working on Sundays. So I had her and her roommate over the next week for breakfast on Saturday morning. I made an attempt at omelets (and discovered the hard way the importance of a good omelet pan - when you use the nice cast iron skillet you get an omelet as big as your head which requires a crane sized spatula to get onto the plate).

The habit continued and I started having three couples over every weekend. This Saturday one of the groups couldn't make it so I quickly called others and ended up with nine of us. I've decided that this is a good sized group for a nice morning brunch. Two or three cluster conversations, people cooking, people playing Xbox, all kinds of good stuff. So I started a personal distribution list with everyone on it and Yvonne called it "Jim's Brunch Club".



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