Monday, November 22, 2004

National Bad Driving Day

Is it a holiday? Should it be?

I'm sure there's somewhere out on the web where you can vote for this. Well google didn't find it.

I say this because after I parked this morning as I waited to cross the street I looked to my left and saw an SUV pretty much parked in the crosswalk blocking the intersecting lane. There was a car there waiting for her to do whatever she was going to do (which I was unable to ascertain based on her car's position). She pulled in a circle and turned left then pulled to the side of the street, as if to park.

Looking the other direction I saw a car which for some reason appears to have turned too wide to make the left turn. It was stopped nearly blocking that intersecting street, then backed up and finished it's left turn.

Needless to say I hustled across the street and into the building so that these folks would hit the building (which they *might* notice) before they hit me!


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