Monday, November 29, 2004

Car Alarms

Okay I've got a list of topics again. Since some of them are long we'll start with this one since it's short.

Car alarms. You know them. You hate them. But you wish you had one since the Insurance Companies love them and give you a break on your rates when you have one. But seriously, car horns honking because of whatever is so common now it's become blase. No one pays attention to them.

I heard one on a minivan (it's no longer only cool expensive cars that have them) in the parking lot when I was walking to the building. I seriously doubt whoever the van belongs to heard it inside their building. So if they don't hear it and no one outside looks then what's the point?

What they really need is a silent alarm that sends a signal to your door opener. Then you can investigate and if it's something serious push a button on it to signal the police. All silent so they can catch whoever is trying to break into your car.


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