Tuesday, December 14, 2004

He'd be a terrific WHAT?

Yesterday I was reading about the assorted cabinate and administration positions that Bush is filling. I found it amusing and incredibly ironic that his nomination for Homeland Security had some "security" problems and withdrew himself. I don't recall which position I was reading about but the person mentioned was commented upon by several Democratic senators as a "terrific pick".

Well I may need to have my glasses looked at because I thought I saw an 'r' in that 2nd word. However the rest of that paragraph went on to tout the qualifications of this candidate and I was confused by the apparent contradiction. Then I finally realized it said "pick" and not ... ahem, some other word.

I do this all the time when we're playing games, pretend to hear a word they didn't say because the contrast is humorous. But this wasn't on purpose and no one else was in the cube with me. D'oh!


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