Friday, December 17, 2004

Packing done, moving when?

Okay most of the packing is finished. There still a little island of clutter around the keyboard and monitor and the center drawer is still packed but that one of those 'dump into a box' packs.

Next Monday the cube I'm moving in to will be available and then Tuesday the new President (otherwise known by me as the "All High Muckety Muck") will be walking through the department. My default response is "I hope he doesn't say anything to me cause then I may have to speak and that can only be bad". However that's not really fair. I won't say it's not his fault he's a *suit* but he hasn't done anything directly to me or my group so I should really give him a chance to be the Pointy Haired Boss before I detest him. However I'm still not happy about moving so that could be it.

I suppose I should "Christmas" the house up some before Jon, Tricia and the kids get here next week. But I've got no motivation to do it. I do have all these cool Star Trek and Star Wars Hallmark ornaments to put up somewhere. Maybe I'll do that instead. Erik told me I should put the Halloween decorations back up ... ;-P


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