Thursday, January 06, 2005


Well it seems that President Bush, two days after exorting the public to donate for tsunami relief, has contributed $10,000. Given that he earns $400k a year as president and is worth an estimated $13 million that doesn't seem nearly so impressive though. But since it's a larger percentage of his annual income than I donated I should shut my mouth (or put my checkbook there).

Well the first serious snow has come. I say serious because it's cold enough for it to stay and it's not supposed to get warm any time soon.

I expected the roads to be a lot worse than they were. However they're not as clear as people who know what they're doing (say in Colorado or northern Illinois) usually clear them. Driving in this morning the anti-lock on my brakes kicked in a few times, until I got used to it again (it still freaks me out when I press on the brake and it presses back).

But since complaining about people's driving is getting old and there's nothing complaining is going to do to improve that, I think I'll try to stop bitching and moaning about that here. And there's nothing I can think of to otherwise make people pay more attention to what's going on around them so I'll just have to think about something else and try my best to stay out of their way.

I'm about 1/5th of the way through Alton Brown's new book. The chemistry part was pretty cool but I'm skipping over some of the recipes until I have the tools and inclination to try them. The muffins may make an appearance at a brunch some time in the near future. And I'd like to try to make buscuits but I'm not to that part of the book yet.

Overall it's pretty damn good. He's a good, if casual, writer and it's entertaining.

WoW is getting a bit ... not old really because every time I sit down to play I end up playing for longer than I should or intended. But the burning desire to play as soon as I get home and for as long as I can is waning a bit.

So I started a different character and will do that whenever it gets ... accustomed until the whole thing is old hat.

And they're having more server problems than it seemed they did. At the initial launch things were miserable. You'd try to get onto your server and there would be a queue, which you were 765th in line for. Lately I've gotten in after work okay but when I leave to watch TV, do some chores or eat and try to get back in later I end up in a queue. However it hasn't been more than 40th or so. But still to have fixed the problem and then have it crop back up again is frustrating.

Well, off to get some work done!


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