Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well the vacation's over

Such as it was. Mainly it was being sick last Wednesday and then Friday off. Two weeks in a row Friday off. Nice.

But I, of course, frittered it away playing WoW. Perhaps "frittered" isn't the correct word because it implies that it was wasted, whatever was frittered. Not so, I enjoyed all of it and that's what we play games for, to enjoy our leisure time.

I did go back to Galaxies one day when the WoW server I mainly play on was down. Got some stuff done in there and almost started enjoying it. Finished up with the bio-engineer character and then tried to switch over to the merchant and it reported that that account (which used to be Erik's) wasn't registered for Galaxies. May have something to do with his taking it over again to play EQ2 so I should ask him. But that was four days ago and I haven't yet so I guess it'll be awhile.

It was nice having Jon, Tricia and the kids through again but they left the morning after they got here so they could beat the weather and the New Years traffic. Don't imagine I could convince them to come back to the cold again so we'll see when I can get out there next.

Jeff is talking about getting a webcam since he's got a new G4 powerbook and rejoining the gaming group. This sounds like it came straight out of Aaron Williams' webcomic Full Frontal Nerdity. I pulled Jason into the discussion since we're playing his Vampire Campaign and we'll see how it goes. There may be a video feed for those with a perverse desire to inflict torture upon their eyeballs ...

Man, when Mother Nature gets prickly she doesn't fool around. A 9 scale earthquake the day after Christmas that caused a tsunami which has killed 140,000 people (at the current count). Last week I was poking around the Guiness World Record site and found a natural disaster which killed 800,000 people but still, that's way more than were killed on 9/11 (for those few Americanocentric readers).

And Sandra Bullock has donated a million dollars to the Red Cross for their tsunami fund. Whoa! Words of admiration at her generosity fail me but I can't help but wonder how much the President donated (especially considering his call to Americans to help out). At least his father has more class than he does.

Well I'm settling into the new building. Getting used to where everything is and such. However I still can't turn the brain on autopilot when driving to work since I'll end up at the Locust Street Building if I do. And it's not safe to do that anyway ...

Planning for the 4th Annual All-Star Gamer's Retreat has begun. We're looking at early in March this time and at the Lake of the Ozarks. No word on games yet but the plan this time is to cut way down on the cooking and go out a few times.


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