Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Whoa! Operation Garage Sale

I go to periodically to see what new books are coming out. Usually I end up parsing my "recommendations" of stuff I have no interest in. One of the things I've seen recently is a new book by Mike Stackpole. I've been a fan of his books since he did the Rogue Squadron Star Wars books and have read most everything (novel wise) he's written.

So this afternoon I went to his website ( to see what it was about. What I found instead were a couple of essays he'd written recently. I took a look at them. He's a particularly well read and articulate liberal and the "Ten Things The Bush Administration Will Never Do" was priceless.

However what put the bug in me was his solution to the problems in Iraq. Most of it sounds particularly pretty damn silly but also very strangely compelling. It makes sense and I could see it working.

So having read it, my next question is "How can we make this work?". Part of the answer is this email. (obviously this text is cut and pasted from an email) Another part is my blog. Not that many people read it but if the few who do mention this to one or two others then we can get the word out and it's all about communication.

So without further ado here are the links to his two essays. Let's all talk later about how we can make this happen in Columbia.

(and I never did get to find out about the novel)


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