Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Okay, it's freaking freezing in here today. I found a space heater under my desk when I moved in and I used it the second day I was here. I haven't used it since then. Either I've gotten used to it being cold in here, it wasn't cold enough outside to leak in or it was warm enough in here (ha!). But today, following a long weekend when it got down to 9 degrees, I turned it on again. It's still cold and I'm thinking of putting my coat back on. I wonder if they'll get the message? (having no idea who controls the thermostat in this place, so it's the generic "they")

Been reading google news again today and it seems like a lot of places are asking "but who gave the orders?" now that the verdict is in on the first Abu Ghaib courts martial. Apparently the Pentagon's investigation report (led by a former Attorney General) cited a number of senior officers as responsible (including Herr Rumsfelt, General Meyers, the Chairman of the JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff - and the senior general in command of all forces in Iraq at the time) but didn't go so far as to recommend punishment. The Pentagon and the Administration are remaining suspiciously quiet on the issue, even after Secretary of State Colin Powell told the world "wait and see how America addresses the issue" (apparently implying that we would 'do the right thing'). It seems that most of the world, especially the Muslim part of it, is unimpressed.

I can't say I blame them, I'm not particularily proud right now of having served in the Army.

However I discovered that some times, especially when your audience doesn't agree with you, you probably shouldn't spout off on liberal issues. Karen came down to visit yesterday and she (a long time Bush supporter) kind of ignored my ascertation that the President lied to us so we shouldn't trust him. I suspect that the issue has been let go by a whole lot of people.

Now I know that reality being what it is, Politicians lie. It's the nature of the beast. But the better ones have the decency to at least act contrite when caught at it.

I was reading on the confirmation hearings for Secretary of State and Ms Rice. I don't trust her, she's a Bush croney, a "yes" woman. But she said all the right things, that she was going to work on improving our image and our relationships with our allies. But I still don't trust her. However she'll likely be confirmed pretty quickly, we'll see how she does.

And the inaugeration is set for Thursday. And will cost $40 million. While the taxpayers aren't funding it, police security and a few other things are being paid for by the city of Washington, DC. And from what I read they're strapped for cash as it is. A democratic congressman sent the president a letter expressing the opinion that "a time of war" (as Bush has repeatedly called this) isn't the best time to celebrate like this. Especially following a major natural disaster. The money, even if it is donated by companies and individuals, can better be used elsewhere.

But the president refused and insists that this is a good time to celebrate.

<sarcasm on>He continues to impress me</off> (not!)


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