Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Those were biscuits?

Okay on Saturday (at the Brunch club) I tried Alton's recipe for waffles. Now my waffle maker is a fourteen dollar special from Wal-Mart so it's not the best. And I thought I had all the hardware (what he calls your cooking tools) I needed but the scale I was using wasn't graduated finely enough (it was hard to discern what 227 grams of flour was, not to mention 6 grams of baking powder or baking soda).

However everyone seemed to like them. So I was encouraged. Then Sunday I decided to give the biscuit recipe a try, since this is what I really wanted to make (being Mister Biscuits-and-Gravy).

I had gotten a new scale so that was going to work better. I had all the ingredients and some experience at his recipes. However after I got the dry works (the flour and stuff) and the wet works (the egg, buttermilk and such) ready I realized that I needed wax paper. I thought I had some but the pantry refuted the claim. So I tried aluminum foil. HA It only got worse from there, it turned out alunimum foil wasn't non-stick enough and they turned into drop biscuits, kinda. Plus I baked them for about a minute too long.

They didn't burn (were a nice golden brown) and tasted fine (a bit too dry/crumbly for my tastes) but I hope to do better with them this Saturday.

Then Jack answers my "what to eat at tonight's game" email with "biscuits!". We'll see.


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