Tuesday, February 15, 2005

GenCon Madness

Well yesterday the pre-registration for GenCon started. Jay's college buds are now on a yahoo group to coordinate their plans for going. The server was swamped and things looked grim but their POC got in and got 3 rooms reserved. Aaron got his as did Jay. Jeff is going but Andy can't.

Last week when they started talking about this again I sent a note to Bryan to ask if I could get it off, pointing out that for the last two years (or three?) they haven't needed (or wanted?) our help for the Back2School rush. Networking for new WinXP systems are getting so good that the default settings usually work to get them on the res hall network. Of course getting all the spyware and virii off their systems is another matter entirely ...

But Bryan came back with a firm definate "maybe" so all is not yet lost. It would be nice to know so I could book a room or space on someone's floor but all in good time.

I need to get a check off for the IRA and then get my taxes done but I'm dreading it. Since I bought a house last year they'll be more complex then they have since I graduated college and had to start doing them. However I use H&R Block's website and that makes it pretty painless relatively speaking.

We're nearing the end of Jason's Vampire campaign. We had our first face-off with the Tremere who are trying to bring back Simon Magus week before last. Tonight should close things out. Then on to Jack's Aberant game. He's ginned up a home made system based on something else so there're no rules for me to go read. That kind of leaves me feeling lost and bewildered but I'll get over it. I kind of redid my character "Monkeyboy", the sole surviving member of the RadNulls (a wannabe gang who throws themselves off buildings to "trigger" their super powers). The first session is supposed to be a "group therapy" kind of thing with all of us sitting on the sofa. I'm going to break out the old chair Jeff gave me so Jack can sit in it facing us. Now he just needs one of those jackets with the tweed elbow patches and a pipe.


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