Monday, February 21, 2005

How to help?

By and large radio ads are much worse than TV commercials. I don't need to hear 2 McDonald's ads consequetively. And no, they don't serve food so I'm not going there anyway.

I wanted to send a note to Subway. Their TV spot with the girl and the snowman is funny as hell. The radio spot with the guy whose tongue is stuck to the pole is stupid. Am I supposed to emulate this guy and put my tongue on a pole? However I am supposed to emulate him and eat Subway sandwiches. It's doesn't equate. While the marketing folks who came up with that can be as moronic as they please I think I'll refrain. Their latest TV one is not quite as stupid as this but a whole lot less funny than the first one, although I can't bring it to mind right now.

And the whole "taste loss" beer commercials. I can help them! If your beer has lost it's taste then try starting with Real Beer! Something that has taste in the first place! (with the caveat that any beer which is free is automatically beer and not goatpiss - which most of this 'beer' is) Hell even if you like a mild pilsner (what most of these pale American 'beers' are, or at least try to be) there are a lot of good ones out there so you don't have to drink Miller or Budweiser or any of that drek.

When I went to play WoW last night I couldn't get on blackhand (the server where my highest characters are) so I played on the one Marlin and Vonne are on. I joined their guild, which is a lot more chatty than Sovereign usually is.

I need to make a list of stuff I need for or need to work on for the house. I still haven't gotten blinds for the back window or replaced the copper gas pipes with stainless steel ones. But the new grill worked out great. Although I talked over some ideas for getting it setup on the far end of the island. As it was John was there making pancakes while Jack was cooking the beef bacon and I made eggs and potatoes so it was kind of crowded in front of the stove. Oh, I need to send out a note. BBL


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