Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New Game

Jack's Aberant game starts tonight. I'm going to move the old chair Jeff gave me into the living room so he has a separate place to sit since he's going to start the whole thing off with "group therapy". We're teenage superheroes in a super villain reform school so it's going to be interesting. He ginned up his own system based on White Wolf's Aberant and the rules from some other (better written) game that he calles "X". I think I'm going to make notes and log it all to a website like I did for the Midnight playtest (and wished I would have for Jason's campaign).

Oh, I saw the other lame Subway commercial the other night. A girl put the sandwich on the roof of her beetle (which was snow covered) while she looked for her scraper to clean the car off. Of course when she found it and got out of the car all the snow had melted already. Not the worst but still kinda lame. I did send them a note yesterday about their lame radio ad (tongue pole guy). When I did that for Sonic they sent me a coupon for 10% off. We'll see if Subway is cool like that.


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