Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Toni Ann Savoca

Okay after I got done being all teary eyed from reading the tributes to Officer Bowden I put this name into google. This was the woman who responded to my email to Subway. I found a hit that lead me to the American Decency site. I won't link to it here because it's so filled with neo-con religious rubbish that I find it offensive. However I looked at their mission and their top three issues right now.

Apparently a lot of people (okay I only saw three letters, which is not a "lot of people") are offended by a few Abercrombie & Fitch salesmen (all men) who are shirtless. Their kids see this and ... well I don't really know what the "terrible consequences" are supposed to be. This makes me wonder if the boys are still playing "shirts and skins" basketball in school anymore. It definately seems like some people need a reality check. (in a world where people are dying for Allah to drive us out of Iraq, millions of people don't have food or a place to live and any number of other important problems, this is what they focus on????)

Also the scene from "Desparate Housewives" week before last where one of the husbands is into bondage and wanted his wife to try it is also another "Grave Social Problem". Hello? It's a comedy, people! (and a pretty farcical one at that) <raises hand to get the waiter's attention>Can we have another reality check over here?

I found the rest of the material there offensive to me and left pretty quickly. Now, I'm sure to go to Hell! :)

But the note I found on that site was virtually identical to the one I got so I suspect that there is no such person as "Toni Ann Savoca", it's a pseudonym used by an admin assistant on form letters. Or maybe it was made up by a sysadmin to put into a script to send email automatically.


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