Thursday, March 03, 2005

Now THAT'S Bogus!

I heard an ad on the radio this morning for one of the "night school" kind of colleges in town. They were plugging a "Bachelor of Science in Management" degree. As far as I know "management" isn't a science. From where I live (which is to say *not* a manager) it's much more of an art. An art most people who do it don't get (since there seem to be so few good managers). But I suppose you could use psychology (which I've never looked at to see if it's an art or claims to be a science) in your argument that management is a science but to me a science has relatively repeatable results. (I say relatively since sure as shit the first time I make a definative declaration it will prove me wrong!)

If I pick up this keyboard, hold it out over the open air behind me and let it go, chances are awfully good it's going to drop down to the ground, moving toward the center of the largest (densest) body in it's immediate neighborhood. I have yet to have this phenomenon fail. Repeatable results. So gravity is a science. I defy any of the proponents of "management as a science" to display for me repeatable results. (saying this I doubt that anyone will take me up on it but you never know who reads your blog)

I heard a McDonalds radio ad yesterday making fun of Jacques Cousteau. I thought it was the height of poor taste but that's mostly because I idolize the man. However I realize that he was French with their penchant for drama and screwed up personal lives. And that he often made fun of himself. But since I don't usually eat at McDs my being angry with them and boycotting them really doesn't do much.

Jack's Aberrant campaign has taken off and we've having a blast. The juvenile-delinquints-with-super-powers are behaving exactly as you'd think 15 year olds with super powers would. hehe

The Retreat is this weekend. Things seem to have come together and I get the groceries tonight, do a load of laundry and then pack. John and Brand are riding with me, everyone else with Jason and Aaron is driving in. We've got a cabin at the Lake of the Ozarks and games lined up for the weekend. I'll take my digital camera and we'll see what hijinx ensue!


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