Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Human rights? What human rights?

Okay to answer my question yesterday about "whose next?", the answer is a diplomat nominated to be the head of the intelligence apparatus who ignored human rights violations in certain Central American countries.

Now I realize that things are often complicated, especially diplomacy and international relations. However turning a blind eye to assorted attrocities isn't the best way to get things done and will come back to haunt you. And how much does a career diplomat really know about intelligence operations and the agencies which conduct them? (oh you're an engineer? fine, we'll put you in marketing -- wait, isn't that a Dilbert cartoon? Great, the country is being run by the Pointy Haired Boss!)

Although since the administration seems to interpret intelligence data any way they see fit (or rather as a means to justify whatever action they want to take) then it's probably not that big a deal to them.


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