Monday, April 11, 2005


The second batch of Netflix films came and went. I had "Fargo", "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", and "A Life Less Ordinary". Fargo was pretty good ("yah, dontchaknow, unhuh") and A Life Less Ordinary was great (turned me into a big Ewan Macgregor fan), however Confessions was a ... ahem, bit overdramatic. I really liked "Mean Girls" and was apparently expecting that again from Lindsay Lohan. However I guess she's got room to develop as an actress, including the ability to select scripts. However she was under contract to Disney and so maybe she had to do whatever crap they handed her (and Disney is very hit or miss the last 10 or 15 years). While it was a bit of a twist on the coming of age story it wasn't up to Tina Fey's writing. Or maybe the Dyan Sheldon book isn't as good as the Rosalind Wiseman book. Or maybe Gail Parent isn't as good a script writer as Fey.

Hmmm, Parent wrote Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, and The Golden Girls. Impressive TV resume but I've never heard of the films she did. And Fey has about seven years writing and acting on SNL and this was her first film script. Now I haven't watched SNL since the Ackroyd, Murray, Murphy years (and I don't think it's very funny now based on the promos) but based on Mean Girls I'd suspect that Fey was one of the things that was funny on it.

Got a few movies from the bargain bin at Wal-Mart. More Ewan, some Ellen Barkin and a couple of others (one with Teri Hatcher & Rob Lowe). We'll see.

Put the brunch club on hiatus. It wasn't that people couldn't come anymore, hell they have lives (unlike me) and families and such. But no one was telling me one way or the other. Now some of these folks, email isn't the best way to get ahold of them (Brand for example), but a 'we can't make it' email couldn't have taken *too* long to write, could it?

So Tricia called Saturday (I think). She wanted to know if she was going to be in Phoenix and if she should sign a teaching contract next year. An oblique way of asking if Matt could come live with me. I still have no idea what to do with him during the day when I'm at work and have a bad feeling that something movie-of-the-weekish may happen but I can't really say no, can I? It's family and you have to do what you have to do. Especially in a no-one's-fault kind of situation. That doesn't make it any more palatible, however.

At least I have six weeks to get the house ready for him. And Dad will drive him so they can bring the stuff he needs to survive with me. But there was no mention of a duration of this. I'm hoping it's only for the summer but it's just another fear to pile on things. Saturday night I went to bed at about 1 after playing some WoW and woke up just after 3. Some time around 5 I finally got back to sleep.

If it is for the summer I guess that puts the kibosh on GenCon this year. I had told Marlin and Yvonne since they were in WoW and she offered to take him during the day but I don't want to put him back into a situation just like he came out of where he's terrorizing younger kids. We'll have to see what happens. If I keep dwelling on the worst that happen I'm setting both of us up for failure, I need to keep an open mind and a positive outlook. Could be challenging. Right now I'm focusing on the logistics of the situation. A lockable box to store all the dangerous things, maybe locks for the interior doors. I need to get a list of what the rules are there so I can set up mine. I think that consistency is going to be important. I also need to research camps and summer programs to see what I can get him in. Since he's failing school we need to get him some help so he won't be trashed from the beginning next year.

I guess my fate magnet is back up and working. My life was apparently too quiet.


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