Monday, May 02, 2005


Finished reading the SW book. Not bad but not good. And Luceno makes use of the "m-word" in a few places. It had a sufficiently annoying cliff hanger ending so it's probably going to tie directly in to the movie.

Talked to Alan in the Op Center on Friday about the film. He's still overwhelmed by images from his youth and the eye candy special effects so he's going to see it opening day. The rest of us plan to try to wait until the following weekend on the precept that the success of a movie is directly related to it's opening weekend sales and if we wait a week our $15 won't be included in that number. It's still going to have a blockbuster opening but at least we can delude ourselves into thinking that we sent George a message.

The latest batch of movies from Netflix included "Playing by Heart" which was interesting. And "As Good As It Gets" which was really good. I may buy that one.

Oh, and my phone is acting up. One of the buttons isn't working and a few weeks ago, fearing losing it and having someone find it and rack up calls, I turned on the security lockout. So now it asks me for the pass code. I can enter it without a problem but the button which allows me to say 'ok' is broken so I can't use it. I suspect that I can't even answer calls with it. So I guess I need to go get a new phone tonight. I was going to get blinds for the dining room so that whoever sat on the east side of the gaming table on Tuesday evenings wouldn't be blinded but I guess the phone is higher priority.


Anonymous Ryan said...

Time for a Treo 650, it's what all the kool kids carry now adays. Anything you can use pssh from to do your work is 'leet. Shame I don't have one yet :-)

As for SW, I'm actually looking forward to this one. Not sure why but I am.


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