Friday, April 29, 2005

The Furher's speech

Now before anyone goes ballistic on my use of the word "furher" for Bush, keep in mind it's meaning in German is "leader". Granted a role he may not be filling well but he is the elected leader of our country right now. And I've used this phrase for presidential addresses for more than 10 years now.

Anyway I listened to part of it last night. It was just more talking head stuff on his social security stuff. Although he did "promise" that the lowest income seniors would get benefit bumps before others. Probably not a bad thing but since he's a liar why should we believe him? I could see his point in not announcing a date for the pullout of American troops. If you sets some date he's pretty much got to stick to it and the insurgents know all they need to do is to wait him out. Which isn't to excuse the administration's apparent lack of an exit strategy. They should have something even if they can't tell us, but it appears they don't too often.

I had Op Center all day today so ... well not really anything. But this afternoon I've got Marlin on one side filling in for Erik and Woodsmall on the other writing code for him. His blog is funny as hell and possibly more wrong than South Park.


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