Thursday, April 28, 2005

You want me to THANK him???

I'm very lukewarm on this. While it's true Lucas did create something wonderful in 1977, I think there are nearly as many things he needs to apologize to us (sci fi fans) for as things we should thank him for. I think it was merely a matter of good timing as his "skill". His casting has been hit AND miss pretty steadily.

Alec Guinness, James Earl Jones, David Prowse, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and a host of others from the first film were great choices. And while Mark Hamil has matured into a fine actor, in 1977 he was whiney as all hell. Ewan MacGregor, Liam Nielson, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson and others were great choices for Episode I but Jake Lloyd continues the whiney tradition with alarming accuracy. And for Episode II and III we get Christopher Lee on our side but have to put up with Hayden Christensen.

Even now I see a number of the photos of Darth Vader have been modified so that it's him in the suit instead of David Prowse. The three inches of space on the sides of his armor just ruin the whole effect. You know it's not the menacing "Dark Lord of the Sith" inside there, rather it's the "Cheese That Comes With Our Whine".

Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) is commonly considered the best of the first three (many die hard fans don't even consider the first two) and I suspect that this may be because someone else helped him write it and someone else directed it. I think he was busy with the Indiana Jones films (and Speilberg was also doing those so Lucas couldn't "ruin" them, even when he makes a bad film, Speilberg does it well) Again in Episode VI it was someone else directing. But we can still see Lucas' influence because of the presence of the Ewoks. Charming and cute, they don't really have a place in an epic tale of the eternal battle between Good and Evil.

And what else has Lucas done? Indiana Jones but Speilberg was there so he couldn't mess that up. American Graffiti. But nothing else that's not SW or IJ. This leads me to the conclusion that he had two and a half good movies in him and he's spent them all now. So he should go back to his ranch and continue to get fat and happy off the tons of money his franchise is raping fans for. The only franchise which seems more intent (Neo Cons aside) on raping it's fans for as much money as they can is Paramount's Star Trek.

So no, unless George promises not to ever write or direct again, I'm not going to thank him.


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