Friday, May 06, 2005

Lucrezia Monkfish

Okay that means nothing, just a name from the Girl Genius comic. But I'm coming up short for names for the entries. Ah well.

Friday. Good!

We had a division wide meeting this morning and then the 'spring cookout' at lunch. Nothing big.

Still can't get sendpage to work on snoopy-devel. Justin was supposed to put an mx record in exchante/dns so we could verify the last bit (got paging to work internally on the machine earlier). But it didn't take and now we have it but have to wait for the cache on exchange to drop the old info and search for the new. Waiting. A lot of that in sysadmin stuff.

Got Matt signed up for two sessions of "Camp Adventure". Cost me but apparently $400 a month for child care is about the going rate. Need to find something for before that starts on 13 June. And sign him up for the following ones if he likes them. It's schedule works out pretty well. Start time of 0830 so I can drop him off shortly after 8 and still get to work in good time. It ends at 1630 so it may work out that he needs to stay and play or something until around 5 but that's not bad. I just hope he takes to it so it's something he'll enjoy. Need to get his room set up this week I think.

Got some 36" blinds for the back window but decided that they should be mounted ouside the window because that's how the front blinds are. So last night I got two 39" ones. Going to have folks over for the brunch tomorrow but we'll go see the Hitchhiker's film in the afternoon. So I'll try to get the blinds up on Sunday.

Only two more sessions for the Midnight game. So we should start talking about what we're going to play after that. Jason will be leaving at the end of this month and Jack a couple of weeks after that. Sharon is going to France this summer but will be back. Been thinking of asking Marlin/Yvonne to join the group. That would keep us at 5, which is a good workable number.


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