Friday, May 06, 2005

Scopes Monkey Trial revisted

Been reading now about the hearings in Kansas.

We know that none of the witnesses are pro evolution but still some of it strikes me as ludicrous.

Two of the three board members haven't completely read the proposal. Great. So they may approve it without knowing what other crap is in there. Great.

I've no idea why an associate professor of horticultural science should be a valid witness (more so that say, a construction worker or a car salesman) on evolutionary biology. Granted that plants do evolve but I would think a biologist is a better (re: more relevant) witness.

And the Earth is only 100,000 years old? So carbon dating is total bunk?

"Molecular biology and other science" doesn't support evolution?

I guess I want some of what these guys are smoking! And here I thought all they grew in Kansas was red clay ...


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