Thursday, May 12, 2005

Flush please

What is the deal with people who don't flush the urinal or toilet in public restrooms?

* Are they trying to save water?
I can kind of applaud that except that most toilets I've seen are the low flow type so you're not wasting a whole lot of water when you do flush it. And hello? The planet is three quarters water ...

* Are they just lazy?
Okay, if it's this one I'm going to officially Hate You. And it's not like I don't know whereof I speak. I've been known (if by no one else but me) to be pretty freaking lazy myself. But I try not to let that impact other people, I try to clean up after myself and to leave things I find as I would like to find them (picking up after other people sometimes).

* Do they want to splash their water soaked urine on my butt?
If so then hope I never find any of you doing this since I will feel obligated to return your urine. Immediately. On your shoes!

* Do they not notice that they've finished and it's time to flush?
If so then I hope that you walk in ... well I was going to say "walk in front of a bus" except that would be pretty traumatic for the bus driver and the passengers. And while I may want them removed from the gene pool so as not to pass on this trait (there are enough people out there not paying attention thank-you-very-much), I don't necessarily want other people to have to suffer because of it. So let's say I hope that you, in your oblivious state, walk off a cliff. A tall one. While it might be traumatic to the bird you hit on your way down I think I can live with it. And the bird can probably dodge anyway.


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