Friday, May 13, 2005

No, I was never in the Army, why do you ask?

Okay this is pretty freaking bogus (if it's true) and makes it look like the Army is as inept as the Bush Administration. The reserve general who commanded the Military Police brigade to which the Abu Ghraib abusers belonged was demoted and removed from command. It seemed like senior officers were finally being held responsible. Fine.

The colonel who commanded the Military Intelligence brigade to which the interrogators belonged was fined, reprimanded and relieved of command. Fine.

However the charges the general was demoted under were "dereliction of duty and shoplifting". An odd combination. And now it comes to light that the shoplifting charge was a misunderstanding. She was in a shop on an Air Force base in Florida and pulled hand lotion out of her purse to use. Then her cell phone rang and she put the lotion back and was rummaging around for her phone. The security guard saw only the part where she put the lotion in her purse. The sales clerk cleared things up pretty quickly. However when she was promoted to general she failed to list this "arrest" on her security questionaire.

Talk about a lack of professionalism. And they wouldn't provide information after the charges were levelled substantiating the shoplifting charge. Is common sense now banned by regulation? What are we (the Army), the freaking CIA? Or worse, Congress? Sheesh!


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