Friday, May 27, 2005


And here I thought Lucas was the King of Hubris (in the Sci Fi world anyway).

Rick Berman on ENTERPRISE, STAR TREK XI and Future Plans, Developing Project with Brent Spiner

He claims it wasn't the quality of the show that resulted in its cancellation. He also talks about the shows on Sci-Fi and how their budgets are half what Trek's was. (and amazingly they produce better shows! IMNSHO) I guess my initial impression was right, the man's an idiot.

The Final Word on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE: "These Are The Voyages..." Reviewed

Harsh. Very harsh. But most of his points seem dead on (if a little extreme). Weak writing over the course of the entire series. Capable (even good) actors given lousy dialog with feeble motivation. Decent ideas poorly executed. Plot holes you could fly a starship through.

'Even in death, the show defiantly sticks to an ill-conceived concept of characterization and seems to lament that the audience just never "got it."'

I agree, it's the producers who never "got it." (while being convinced of their own infallibility)

I made the mistake of starting to read some of the comments on this review and (of course) the angriest of them are barely legible, diametrically opposed and make no sense whatsoever.

I've known I shouldn't look at that kind of stuff ever since I first tried to find out what fans thought of Voyager by reading a Trek news group and only finding "Klingons can kick Jedi ass" ...


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