Thursday, June 09, 2005

Banana Nut Taco Pizza

Okay, we started character creation for the Star Trek campaign on Tuesday. I'd wanted to make something for dinner again since Matt was here now. So I thought,,FOOD_9936_28736,00.html

Would be good. I knew the rest of them liked it and so if he didn't then it would still get eaten.

So I go dig out the recipe from the FoodTV website and then look to see what I need. Don't have any Jiffy corn muffin mix in the cupboard so I have to get that, the fresh veggies and (of course) more cheese. I pick up everything from the store Monday evening and then I'm all set, right?

Well come Tuesday evening and I start getting things out. After pouring the muffin mix into the bowl I wonder what those brown chunks are. So I look at the box and see (now) in yellow letters the words "banana nut".


I look at my watch and think about the traffic I just fought my way through, deciding that trying to hit the store before they get here wasn't feasible. So I put some garlic powder in the mix hoping to disguise the banana taste. It seems to take a bit longer to set in the oven but otherwise the preparation goes as planned.

Everyone arrives and I warn them about dinner. "Something won't be the way it was last time" Jack makes a joke about my putting strawberries in it and then when I tell him what I did he responds "I was KIDDING you fucker!".

Sharon couldn't eat it but John and Jack claimed it was an interesting conflict of tastes. However half the pan remained afterwards so I know what they really thought!



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