Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Opps I did it again

I saw a report in the Washington Post today about the President's speech tonight. Scott McClellan apparently said that he will improve our understanding about what we're working to achieve.

For my part I can understand what we hope to achieve (sell more tanks, trucks, guns, etc. to the Army, okay well that may be his goal but I'd like to see less violence and a bit more improvement in their infrastructure) but I've not heard a lot about how we're going to go about that or when we might see anything results oriented more cheerful than long lists of dead Americans and Iraqis.

So I went back to the White House site looking for an email address or a form where I could say this to Mr. McClellan. I didn't find one, but then I didn't really expect to. I did find some sort of forum where you could post your questions so I put it there.

We'll see what happens (hopefully it won't involve a visit from the FBI or Secret Service).


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