Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"No Comment"

Seems the administration only has something to say when (or perhaps before) they haven't been caught in a lie (or a coverup). [When are people going to learn not to trust anything that doofus or any of his cronies say?]

And we know the True Face of evil.

Men who kill children in the name of their "god". I'm fairly certain that the Muslim God would frown (at the very least) upon these "men".

Matt and I are ... well we are. Good days and not-so-good days. I've been pondering the whole situation extensively but I don't think I'm ready to post anything.

I need to see about getting him registered for school and start getting his supplies.

The Star Trek game is going well. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. Last night we played two more scenes (the game is set up like a TV show with 3 acts and various scenes within each) and I killed off one of Jack's characters (since he's leaving). Afterwards, however, Marlin pointed out that they're equipped to try out the telepresence idea for gaming. It's going to take Jack a few weeks to get settled but after that we can give it a try. Maybe we can rope Jeff into the game if that works well, though we'll have to be careful not to saturate the bandwidth.


Anonymous Ryan said...

Oooo... tele presense. webcamage?

Blogger banzai said...

Yup. It's an idea that we floated around during previous games. However since we were playing at my house and I don't have a laptop the logistics of the idea were prohibitive.

But Marlin and Yvonne have two or three systems in the area where we play as well as the Mac laptop he has. So a webcam is nada and we should be able to get things set up on our end.

I'll prolly post when we start our testing.


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