Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Do people *believe* this guy?

It seemed pretty tame until the very bottom.

"Controversial statements are not new to the 75-year-old Robertson.

He has suggested in the past that a meteor could strike Florida because of unofficial "Gay Days" at Disney World and that feminism caused women to kill their children, practice witchcraft and become lesbians.

So this takes him, in my mind, out of the group of people who said unfortunate things they should have thought out first, clearly into the group of people who think the moon landings were a hoax and that Elvis isn't really dead.

Can I join this group? I have a like minded opinion right here ...

"Neo-conservative women raise little Nazi warriors to increase the strength of the Reichstag."

There! Can I be admitted now?


Blogger banzai said...

Well the blog-spammers seem to have found me. I deleted four within the last 15 minutes. We'll see if I have to turn off comments or not now.


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