Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's not that I hate

humanity and wish they were all dead. No, it's just that when I have to drive while some of them are out there I get frustrated at their seeming incompetance, negligence and downright stupidity. Reckless, fatal stupidity.

And I don't wish they would all die, I just wish they would do the stupid things they so like to do somewhere behind me so I don't have to put up with it. I decided on the way home last night that I hold humanity in disdain but like having them around the way you like to have the TV or radio on in the background while you work on something else, something interesting. And if they were all dead this would be a pretty empty, boring place. I admit it, sometimes their stupidity is fairly amusing.

However it seems that humanity is determined some times to wipe itself out. I mean even the founder of New Orleans wrote later in his memoirs that it probably wasn't a good place to make a settlement and while it had marvelous scenery and a wonderful natural harbor, it would be prone to storms and other dangerous acts of nature. But we build a big city there anyway. And we build it under sea level so we have to put up levees and pumps to keep the ocean out. How much sense does that make? Doesn't it just scream that you have some sort of self-destructive urge and you won't be happy until it's fulfilled? Until you're wallowing in your misery slowly dying?

And when the Police Chief goes on national television and pleads with you to leave your homes and go to higher ground, isn't the rational thing to do to follow his advice? Even though I'm a homeowner now and it would be a hard decision to abandone the house, you can't rebuild your life, home and property if your dead now can you?

Six months ago I would have donated a few hundred dollars to Red Cross to help with their relief efforts. These days, since my grocery bill has basically doubled, I find I don't have the funds to do that and that makes me a bit more melancholy. And despite my firm belief in Darwin's theories and that Mother Nature is compelled to kill stupid people, I am sad at the pain those people are suffering.

In some strange quirk of fate it seems that Iraq won't get out of the news. Just when things shift from all kinds of attacks and suicide bombs, a mob panics and people are killed in a stampede. I don't know the details about it but it seems like some strange trait of Fate trying to keep them in our mind.


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