Thursday, September 08, 2005

The voice of the red states?

Phil sent me this

I read his Tribes piece and it's well thought out and very well written. I don't hold with his implied comparison of Bush to Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy, but there are (obviously) lots of folks who don't see Bush as I do or aren't bothered by the things that bother me.

However when I read his Sanctuary piece I very nearly stopped reading. He was much more insistant in his bashing of uberLiberals. Now I can't disagree, Micheal Moore strikes me as a moron, perhaps as much as I have said the president is. I think folks on either end of the extreme often are. Once you close your mind you stop learning and stagnate. Okay the uberLiberals are as moronic as the neoCons, I get that, good story about LAX but please move on. Compairing Ancient Egypt to a modern 7-11 seems a bit melodramatic.

But Phil and I got into an interesting discussion about what each of us likes or doesn't about Bush and intelligent, well reasoned, well presented discussions are much more likely to change peoples minds than all the ranting in the blogsphere.


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