Thursday, September 15, 2005

Whoa, dude!

Last Friday (in the Op Center) we had a woman come in with what she thought was a compromised bengal account. In the course of helping her I copied all the files in her account to that machine and burned them onto a CD. After she left I started to hear strange sounds coming from my machine. Listening more closely it seemed to be fart noises.

Erik and I spent the next hour trying to isolate the process which what we presumed was a virus used which was making this fart noise. Eventually Brand went down to examine the cabling and found a fart machine (a remote control speaker which made the fart noise). I thought it was pretty funny but Erik had gotten mad by then since we'd gone to so much trouble to try to find what we thought was a virus and since I have root access to so much stuff he'd taken it serious as a security threat.


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