Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It worked

Well I don't know if the red wine I got was dry or not but the recipe worked better this time. It was for taco filling but because of the wine it tasted different. And there didn't seem to be enough chili powder (and no cumin) to taste like tacos to me. It was good, mind you, but not taco-like enough.

This time I put more chili powder in and put it some cumin as well. Plus I started cooking too early and so it simmered for longer and I think more of the wine cooked off so it tasted less wine-like. Plus I used a shiraz instead of a merlot but I have no idea of their relative dryness.

Everyone liked it however so it worked out well. And the two styles of salsa I made went over pretty well too. We finished this episode in the Star Trek game (it was called "Gypsies in the Woods") and next week Marlin and Yvonne should be able to rejoin us for one episode (about three or four weeks). I got stuff to make brownies again but we'll prolly play at there house.

And I made Matt do his English Warm-ups at home if he didn't do them in class. He bemoaned that but I was busy making salsa so I only came back to focus on him when he was ready to work, thus avoiding some of the drama. His teacher had emailed me that the rough draft for a paper was due Tuesday and he had thought it was Wednesday so we had some more drama. I had just put some rice in to cook in the microwave (14 minutes). He actually finished his work before the microwave dinged so it took a trivial amount of time. His drama probably took twice the time than the actual work did! ;-P


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