Monday, September 26, 2005

Done finally

Well after much ... delay the loan stuff is finished (I hope!). I sent a note to the supervisor of the fellow I'd been working with and he put sufficient heat on the process to produce spirits. The "processor" of my loan called and I made an appointment for the notary to come by Saturday at 1. He called me nice and early Saturday morning and startled me awake. I broke my CPAP mask (again ) getting up and to the phone. He asked me for directions and asked if we could put it off until 6 (pm). I said okay and then he called around 2:30 asking if we could postpone again until 12 on Sunday.

So he came over then and man, do you have to sign your name a lot when you do this. Apparently the shock of buying a house insulated me from this last time and I don't recall writing my name that much. Or initialling. Every damn page it seemed like. Then he left and had to come back a bit later because I'd initialled where I should have signed. We got it done and then went to karate.

Attendance was lower than Thursday but I found out one of the new guys was a minister so he had to preach on Sundays. So we may move it to Saturday. But we can apparently use his church and Yvonne is working on a t-shirt for the class. Something about Sho-go-ryu refugees. (I hope it gets finished in a bit since anything about refugees lately is kind of in bad taste - but since most of it is in Japanese it might not matter)

Matt got a "do-over" for his poor performance on Thursday and earned back his game time (he'd lost two weeks of it). All I can say is that I've nearly got down the first kata and I'm glad I'm not evaluating his effort because it looks to me like he's not trying very hard. But then I'm only a student ... ;-P

And this morning he got up in a timely manner and got his stuff going. He seemed okay but as I got dressed to go to work his English teacher/case manager called me. It seemed he refused to try to do the warm-up exercise again. Every morning she writes a quote on the board and the students are supposed to write down what it means to them. Being an opinion, there is no wrong answer. However he maintains that he understands what the quotes mean (at least the verbage) but refuses to write anything down.

I talked to him and asked him what went wrong between when he left and now. He went with his typical answer "I don't know" even though we've talked about how that is mostly an unacceptable answer.

I don't know what I'm going to do with him but now that I've got the loan stuff finished it's definately time to get an appointment with the Child Psychologist and get a longer term perscription to his meds. And that counselor Yvonne recommended. If he won't talk to me I need to find *someone* he will talk to, at least a little. His grades are plummetting and I'll be left with no choise but to take away privilidges.


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