Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Well it seems like Marlin and Yvonne can't return to the Trek game after all. That's a bit disappointing but not unexpected. Back to my house but in consolation I made brownies last night and iced them with cream cheese frosting this morning. That should make us all feel better. :)

Matt seems to be trying better in some of this classes. English is up and he's trying in math but he was rude to one of his teachers today so I'll have to talk to him about that. Always something.

I'm reading a book called "Teen-Proofing" by John Rosemond that has a lot of good advice. I'm going to have to finish it and process all he says. One of the most important seems to be "ignore everything mental health professionals have said about child rearing in the last 50 years" and the other is "keep your cool, don't sweat the small stuff". He advocates a macromanagement philosophy rather than micromanaging. I know that it was incredibly counterproductive every time I was micromanaged. So some things I'm doing I'll have to adjust and others seem okay.


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