Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Give Dead Love?

I got a 12 pack of Diet Coke the other day and printed on the box (and the cans) it says

"Give Live Love"

What does this mean? I'm totally puzzled here. I'm familiar with a number of the adjectives commonly used to modify the word "love". Doomed, forsaken, unrequited, cursed, tragic, happy, joyful, etc. But I've never heard or seen the word "live" used to modify love. It's immediate implication is that if there is "live love" then there must be "dead love" ...

Well now a use of the term "dead love" does spring to mind. In some stories where the hero is haunted by the thoughts/memories/spectre/ghost of his now dead wife I've seen "dead love" used as a noun to describe her (or him I suppose). But I've still never heard of the still living spouse (or lover I suppose) being called a "live love".

And even if they were, how would you "give" them? Or what?


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