Thursday, November 17, 2005

What is this stuff?

This "scrapbooking" thing?

I mean I've kept a few books with pictures, photo albums, over time and sometimes I put newspaper articles that pertained to the events portrayed in the pictures. Some of them got to be pretty big and unwieldy. Some fell apart or the pictures came out. In one the sleeve of picture holders came off the cover binding.

But what is "scrapbooking" and what is everyone's fascination with it? I think I know three or four people who claim it as a hobby and my sister-in-law sells supplies.


Blogger not a rock star said...

Scrapbooking - my friend Kim and I defined this a few years ago as "crafter's crack."

Blogger banzai said...

Sounds like "Evercrack" (Everquest) years ago, and now "World of Warcrack" (Warcraft). ;-P


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