Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Noticed anyone you know missing lately?


Flashback: A Lifetime in Limbo

is pretty frightening. I've heard about how the Patriot Act is taking away our civil liberties but it never had so much meaning so clearly until I read the Voice article.

So if the President declares you an "enemy combatant" you're basically screwed, even if you are an American. No right to a lawyer being present while you're being interrogated, no limit (at the moment) on what they can do to you during your interrogation, no limit on the time they can hold you, no requirement that you face your accusers or be allowed the right to defend yourself, the only thing that you can do is hope (since you can't call them) that your family notices you're missing and calls the media about it. Then the public furor results in the President being replaced at the next election.

Talk about long shots!


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